Division 26 Electrical Estimating
Electrical Estimator
Division 26 is an electrical estimating service that
works with electrical contractors on preparing
estimates. We bring an element of field experience
that drives and is reflected in each estimate.
Contractors that have a need to estimate more
projects can send us the drawing files to review.
Todays electrical engineers are driving and bringing
new products in their designs that need to be
addressed. We are open and highly motivated here.
Commercial,Industrial all electrical coast to coast.
Thanks John Stanulis
Division 26 Electrical Estimating, 50 Golf Rd, Springfield, IL 62704 Phone 217-693-6222
Technical Reference Note  (TRN)

Note: "Standard Fixture Sizes" ("sfs") for labor
rates best. A time factor with new LED lights
creating database
. For more information
please call us at 217-693-6222.